Gemma Stewart

Charvi inspired me to take actions that can move me forward to creating the life of my dreams. She guided me during times where I needed to release blockages that had stop me from moving forward in life. After 2 months I have accomplished so much! I have been blessed to have Charvi as my coach to guide me through my life’s journey and to keep me on track with things I love to do and actually make them happen!

Eleanor Jensen

Charvi is an absolutely phenomenal coach and I highly recommend her services if you want to make some lasting changes in your life! The powerful effects from these coaching sessions with Charvi can’t be underestimated – They are truly amazing and the changes can be felt immediately! I would recommend Michelle as a life coach for you. She can help transform your reality to actually be the ‘life of your dreams!’

Lisa Witherspoon
Interior Designer

I highly recommend Charvi, she is excellent. I have had coaching sessions with her in life and career balance and her accuracy is amazing. She is genuine, authentic and very caring. The information she passed on was very timely and spot on. Thank you Charvi for helping me to get on track and follow my passion and purpose. You have helped me make huge changes in my life for the better.

Alexa Boivin
Victoria, British Columbia

Charvi is a true natural when it comes to inspiration, support, and challenge. Her authenticity when sharing her own difficulties was a relief. She played as a role model for me because she shared how she viewed herself in the challenges and the actions she took to step back in her game!

Emily Anderson
Musician, UK

Charvi came into my life at a time when I so desperately needed someone to help make sense of all the thoughts, goals and ideas floating around in my head. She listened thoughtfully as I rambled nonsensically about my life, concerns and fears then guided me through exercises to help me clear the clutter in my mind.

Alizee Denten
Fashion Designer

Charvi has helped me enormously in enabling me to analyze and take a step back and look at myself and explore different avenues and how I can change my life for the better, I have gained an awful lot from our sessions.  Thank you Charvi, you’ve clearly helped me see things I could never see before and feelings I didn’t know I had. You’ve changed my life and I am so very grateful I met you when I did.

Rebecca DeGenres
Apex Counseling, Ontario

All the way through Charvi was guiding, supportive, understanding and encouraging. Throughout the life coaching activities I never felt uncomfortable although they were quite challenging.  Today I am in a much better place thanks to the support, techniques and encouragement given to me by Charvi.